How to Design your Cutlery Drawer Organizer


Sometimes, we get a bit overwhelmed by choices and decisions and this can make it a bit tricky to start. Anyone else?

 This video aims to give you some ideas how to design up your own drawer divider for cutlery.

 The main ideas to consider are:

  • How do we group the items? For cutlery, this is usually by type, i.e., steak knives, dinner knives, entree knives, forks etc. Sometimes, you’ll need to group the odd pieces together such as cheese knives and splades etc.
  • Each of these groups would then be organized into their own compartments.
  • An ideal drawer divider height for cutlery is somewhere between 50mm and 70mm, which will give you great access to the items. 
  • Compartment width is entirely up to you. You can even individually customize the width of each section to cater for larger items and quantities.
  • If you’ve got a smaller drawer and your compartment sizes are narrow (less than 50mm width), consider making your drawer divider height even shorter. A height of around 40mm will grant you better access.

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