About Us

The Team

tidy.af was founded by Melbourne, husband and wife team Jarrod & Lisa.  The initial spark came through an epic miscommunication.  Like most good couples sometimes do, we were having two separate conversations with one another, until at some point, the realisation was made that we were actually talking about two different things!  The fusion of our two ideas led to the creation of the tidy.af Drawerganiser.

We are joined by our four children, who all like to constantly contribute their ideas by being very messy human beings.


The Venture

tidy.af has a simple philosophy:  to help keep homes organised and clutter free.

The tidy.af Drawerganisers are custom-made to fit your space, fully utilising and maximising every millimetre of space you have available.  This not only makes drawers look aesthetically pleasing, but also completely functional, without the need to use consumable products that end up in landfill and harm the beautiful environment we live in.  Beautiful and sustainable?  Yes, please!

All materials used are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.  Because that matters. 



We are based in Melbourne, Australia.  We are proud to say that all our products are Australian made.