Why Bamboo?

bamboo drawer dividers organiser declutter


The decision to use bamboo was simple.  Bamboo is great for our environment and has a warm, rich and beautiful finish. Its toughness ensures that our product will stand the test of time.

Some cool facts about bamboo:

  • Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, which means it grows really quickly and repeatedly, naturally.
  • Bamboo absorbs greenhouses gases and releases 35% more oxygen than the equivalent timber.
  • Bamboo prevents soil erosion, allowing soil to retain water and nutrients.
  • Bamboo is tough and strong.
  • Bamboo produces minimal waste as it is 100% biodegradable 

Each beautiful piece of your drawer divider will have its own unique characteristics due to the nature of bamboo plywood.

No trees were harmed in the creation of our products. ;)