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Why Drawer Dividers are Super Important for Organizing Clothes

The first thing I need to convince you of, is that file folding is the way to go when it comes to organising clothes in a drawer. The reason why is so simple – so that you can see exactly what’s in there! Do you ever find that you forget items of clothing that are buried deep under piles? A quick demo on how to file fold can be found here

The next thing I would like to convince you of, is the importance of drawer dividers when it comes to maintaining the organisation of clothing in a drawer. 

How to Design your Cutlery Drawer Organizer

Sometimes, we get a bit overwhelmed by choices and decisions and this can make it a bit tricky to start. Anyone else?

 This video aims to give you some ideas how to design up your own drawer divider for cutlery.

Organizing Drawers in a Kid’s Wardrobe

What do your kids’ drawers look like? Do they take a lot of maintenance and upkeep to be organised and tidy? Do you struggle to find what you’re looking for? Well we’ve got the solution for you! Come on a tour of Kayla’s boys’ wardrobe and see what these drawers look like one year on and learn what maintenance is required (spoiler alert – it requires none!).

Organizing Drawers for a New Baby

New baby time is exciting AF, but also? Stressful. So, so stressful! Getting organised, like in any other part of your life, allows to you regain that control and feel absolutely ready!

Organizing Kitchen Drawers – Common issues and solutions for the whole kitchen

What are the biggest bug bears you have with your kitchen drawers? Come along and see if they’re the same as Renee’s, as we go on a full tour of her beautiful kitchen. We talk common pain points and you’ll see solutions!