How to Design Your Own Kitchen Drawer Divider drawerganizer drawer divider organizer insert custom expandable extendable bamboo

A common question we get asked is “How do I design my own Drawer Divider?”.  We’ve taken your questions on board and have compiled a list of ideas that will hopefully be super helpful!

  1. The first step into designing your Drawerganizer, is to go through the contents of your drawer and cull all the items you don’t need. There is no use organizing a drawer full of items you don’t have a use for, as those items will simply get in the way of the things you need!

  2. Analyse the sizes of the items you have in your drawer. Do you have lots of long items, lots of short items, or a mix of both?  How would you like to categorise these items?

Drawer Divider Insert Organizer Bamboo

  1. Once you’ve categorised the items (e.g. forks, knives spoons for a cutlery drawer, slotted spoons, spatulas or by cooking type for a utensils drawer), what sort of size categories do you need to contain? Questions to ask include:
  • Do the items take up the full depth of your drawer? Or do you need smaller compartments? Or, do you need a mix?
    • If you only need long, full depth sections, look at the LINEAR Drawerganizer.
    • If you need smaller compartments, consider playing around with either the GRID or UTILITY Drawerganizers.
    • If you’re after a mix of both long and short, look at the UTILITY or COMBO Drawerganizers.
  • How many compartments do you need? Tally up the number of categories you have, which will then give you a really good idea on what you will need.

    1. The fun part is jumping onto our website: Selecting the product layout that best suits your needs, inserting your drawer dimensions and experimenting with the configuration.  Our interactive preview tool  will draw out the Drawerganizer you design. It is a great way to visualise your layout. This tool also calculates the internal dimensions of each compartment in your drawer, which you can then check with the items you’ve categorised to ensure everything will fit. website

    1. Establishing a system that is maintainable is so important. We don’t want all your hard work going down the gurgler! The answer is containment, and the key to that is your newly designed Drawerganizer! By implementing a drawer divider system, you’ve created a home for each and every item and thus are able to keep them contained within those walls.  If there’s a home for everything, you know exactly where it should be put away and you know exactly where to find it!  Have you ever started a system, only to have items migrate into other areas of the drawer? Containment is the key! Drawer dividers, drawer inserts, drawer organizers, Drawerganizers FOR. THE. WIN! 🙌

    Organized cutlery drawer. Very satisfying!


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