Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Organization.  Is that the buzz word of the decade or what?  If you’re like me and spent many hours researching and many dollars buying things that did not quite fit, I’m sure you’ll welcome our customized solution with open arms… or open drawers!

 A drawer divider, drawer organizer or Drawerganizer, made to measure (that, like, actually FITS and maximizes all the millimetres!), out of eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo that looks so pretty too, is very exciting!  Let’s take a little tour of how the Drawerganizer can be used to make your time in the kitchen super efficient and super calming.

 What types of drawers are in your kitchen?  Cutlery, utensils, crockery… the infamous ‘junk drawer’?  How about Tupperware?  Baking trays and chopping boards?  Let’s look at the different ways drawer dividers can be used to organize each of these drawers: 

Cutlery Drawer

In this example, the COMBO is used to organize cutlery.  The COMBO is made up of both long sections and split, shorter sections.  You are able to customize the overall size to precisely fit your drawer and you’re able to specify how many long sections you need and how many split, shorter sections you need.

I’ve seen that there are quite a few heated conversations on the interwebs, debating the order on how to organize your cutlery.  I’m not going to weigh in on that here (but it’s defo knives, forks, spoons – ha!), as the answer is whatever works for you, as long as they are divided by type.  The drawer here is configured using the UTILITY configuration.  The UTILITY allows you to create drawer dividers with the number of sections you need and divide them exactly where you want by specifying the crossbar position! 

Tupperware Drawer

This drawer pictured here is also created with the Drawerganizer UTILITY.  Note how the crossbar is specified closer to the front of the drawer to make a perfect little home for the lids!  Remember, we are looking to create super functional spaces that create a feeling of zen.  No need to fight with this drawer anymore!

Utensils Drawer 

Utensils Drawer Divider

People keep asking, so here's a link to these gorgeous mint coloured utensils:

Is your utensils drawer functional, sometimes functional depending on what you need, or in complete and utter disarray?  It’s really worth thinking about the utensils you use on a daily basis and those you use less often.  Can the occasional use utensils be stored elsewhere (think unused, or dead corners in a cupboard!), giving you space to effectively store your everyday utensils for easy access?  No more rummaging through overflowing drawers to find that tiny something you need!  How good does that sound?

Pictured above is the Drawerganizer LINEAR.  Long sections for you to house your long items.  Dividers to help you keep each type ordered and contained.

Hot tip for anyone who'd like to keep their rolling pin (or similar items) across the front or rear of the drawer: Specify the the depth of your drawer shorter than it’s full size by the amount of space you'd like to leave. 

Baking Trays and Cutting Boards

Baking Trays and Cutting Boards Drawery Divider

This is another LINEAR, giving home to those rather large items that are traditionally stacked on top of each other, giving bakers all over the world immense frustration when the one they need is on the bottom (ya know!).  Here, all trays and other items are completely visible.  How about that?  Also, this LINEAR can be paired up with the Cork Liner which is a great noise dampener!  Who absolutely hates that awful sound of clashing and scraping metal?

Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer Divider

The ‘junk’ drawer is a fact of life.  We all have them.  We all need them.  But, the truth is – it need not be a disorganized shambles of utter chaos!  The GRID drawer divider is used here to create sections.  Your ‘junk’ is then organized into relevant groups and contained that way.  Fancy finding exactly what you’re looking for, first go?  Need a blob of Blu Tack? Check!  Need a twist tie to support that mini monstera that’s sprouted a gorgeous new baby leaf? Check!

What configuration would you chose and how will you use it?  Do you have other ideas for different uses in your kitchen? We’d love to hear!

Remember the memes you’ve seen all over the pages of the organizational accounts you follow (to quote Benjamin Franklin) – “For every minute spent organizing is an hour earnt”.  TRUTH.

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