Why Drawer Dividers are Super Important for Organizing Clothes

The first thing I need to convince you of, is that file folding is the way to go when it comes to organizing clothes in a drawer. The reason why is so simple – so that you can see exactly what’s in there! Do you ever find that you forget items of clothing that are buried deep under piles? A quick demo on how to file fold can be found here

The next thing I would like to convince you of, is the importance of drawer dividers when it comes to maintaining the organization of clothing in a drawer. 

  1. Maximizing space: Yes! It’s a sort of wizardry! But it’s not, really, it’s just logic! By having drawer dividers, you create separate compartments within a drawer. By having smaller sections, you’re able to utilise all the space, thus preventing clothes from being jumbled or piled up.
  2. Easy categorisation. Drawer dividers enable you to categorise your clothes based on different criteria, such as type, style, or purpose. Each compartment can be for specific items like socks, underwear, t-shirts etc… This makes it super easy to locate and retrieve items when you need them!
  3. Preventing clutter: Without drawer dividers, clothes tend to get mixed up or disorganized within a drawer. Dividers help keep items neatly separated, preventing them from becoming a messy heap. It saves you time and frustration by avoiding the need to rummage through a messy drawer to find what you're looking for.
  4. Maintaining organization: Drawer dividers help maintain the organization of your clothes. When each item has its designated space, it’s easier to put things back in their proper place after use. Drawer dividers act as visual guides, reminding you to keep things organized and preventing clothes from becoming messed and jumbled up.
  5. Improving accessibility: When clothes are organized with drawer dividers, they become more accessible. You can quickly locate specific items without disturbing the rest of the drawer’s contents. This can be especially helpful when you’re in a hurry or trying to streamline your daily routine. 

My 6 year old can quickly and independently get himself dressed every morning. He knows which section of his drawer has his school shorts (he is the type of kid that wears shorts all year ‘round), socks and everything else he needs. It’s quite fascinating as I recently figured out that he believes this replenishment of his drawers is magic, and not actually actual human parents washing, hanging, folding and putting away his clothes. “My drawers are empty! Why are my drawers empty? There’s nothing in here!”. Maybe it’s time to teach him how to put away his own things?

Overall, drawer dividers are crucial tools for maintaining order, maximizing space and simplifying the process of finding and storing clothes. They help keep your wardrobe organized, save time and effort, and contribute to a neat and tidy living space.

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