Tips / How-to

Jenna's Kitchen

We were warmly welcomed into the beautiful light filled, breathtaking home of Josh and Jenna in Melbourne to complete the final piece of Jenna’s epic home organising puzzle. Come along to see what we organised and keep your eye out for a cameo appearance by’s smallest (and clingiest) team member! 😝🤗

Tour of the Kitchen

I take you on a tour of my kitchen drawers and how they look everyday!  Nothing has been staged or styled here (quite obviously in some drawers 🤣) as we wanted to show you how Drawerganisers and Cork Liners help with maintaining organised AF drawers.

How to Design Your Own Kitchen Drawer Divider

A common question we get asked is “How do I design my own Drawer Divider?”.  We’ve taken your questions on board and have compiled a list of ideas that will hopefully be super helpful!

The first step into designing your Drawerganiser, is to go through the contents of your drawer and cull all the items you don’t need. There is no use organising a drawer full of items you don’t have a use for, as those items will simply get in the way of the things you need!

Analyse the sizes of the items you have in your drawer. Do you have lots of long items, lots of short items, or a mix of both?  

Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Organization.  Is that the buzz word of the decade or what?  If you’re like me and spent many hours researching and many dollars buying things that did not quite fit, I’m sure you’ll welcome our customized solution with open arms… or open drawers!

 A drawer divider, drawer organizer or Drawerganizer, made to measure (that, like, actually FITS and maximizes all the millimetres!), out of eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo that looks so pretty too, is very exciting!  Let’s take a little tour of how the Drawerganizer can be used to make your time in the kitchen super efficient and super calming.